Congrats to Jack on his new paper on FUS autoregulation and splicing

Jack´s new paper: FUS ALS-causative mutations impair FUS autoregulation and splicing factor networks through intron retention. Humphrey J, Birsa N, Milioto C, McLaughlin M, Ule AM, Robaldo D, Eberle AB, Kräuchi R, Bentham M, Brown AL, Jarvis S, Bodo C, Garone MG, Devoy A, Soraru G, Rosa A, Bozzoni I, Fisher EMC, Mühlemann O, Schiavo G, Ruepp MD, Isaacs AM, Plagnol V, Fratta P. Nucleic Acids Res. 2020 Jul 9;48(12):6889-6905. A great collaboration with the Fratta and Plagnol labs. Please see our publications page for more details.